Thorp Fruit & Antique Mall has been in operation for over 60 years. What began as a small roadside fruit stand has developed into our wonderful store you see today. Thorp Fruit & Antique Mall began in 1944 by Myrl and Ina Rowley. Now it is owned and operated by their son Bill and his wife Mary. The same traditions hold strong still today for bringing the freshest produce and best antique dealers the state of Washington has to offer. Along with the freshest produce and best antiques around, Bill and Mary have worked hard to bring in many wonderful specialty food items from local businesses as well as from around the United States.



About us



Now joined by their son Mike and daugter-in-law Nicole, this has become a third generation family run business. Trying to find newer specialty foods and adding things to keep our customers coming back is always an ongoing process. In addition to fruit and antiques we also carry Northwest wines, gourmet candies, specialty foods, locally made ice cream and espresso.